Trust Anchors and Authentication Task Force

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Starts: 07-12-2023
Location: Online Opportunity


The intended audience for the output of this SAE Task Force includes ground vehicle OEMs, suppliers, aftermarket product and service vendors, security product and service vendors, government agencies, regulatory bodies, cybersecurity researchers, academics, and other interested parties.

The objectives of this SAE Task Force include:

1) Developing an SAE information report on current best practices and standards from SAE and other standards development organizations (SDOs) about trust anchors and authentication technologies for ground vehicles and ground vehicle applications.

2) Providing Task Force participants with updates and liaisons from other SAE and non-SAE standards committees about trust anchors and authentication topics.

3) Informing Task Force participants about trust anchors and authentication topics, such as traditional cryptography, post-quantum cryptography, public key infrastructure (PKI), key management, key provisioning, and relevant standards.

4) Identifying issues and challenges for design and implementation of trust anchors and authentication systems, such as terminology definitions, threat assessment, risk analysis, protocol interoperability, and cryptographic agility.

*** Active Voting Member Requirements

  • - 5 years experience with automotive networks (e.g., CAN, Ethernet FlexRay, LIN, MOST)
  • - 5 years experience with cybersecurity engineering (e.g., risk assessment, algorithms, agility, defenses)
  • - 3 years experience with Internet Suite protocols (e.g., TLS, HTTPS, NTP)


*** Active Voting Member Recommendations

  • - 3 years experience with authentication protocols (e.g., EAP, RADIUS, OAuth)
  • - 2 years experience with access control models (e.g., Mandatory Access Control, Role-Based Access Control)
  • - 2 years experience with key management protocols (e.g., KMIP, PKI)

Each volunteer needs to complete a “Request for Committee Membership” form (one-page) as a part of consideration for the task force. Meetings run 2 hours every other week.

For more information and list of meeting dates please refer here.

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Volunteers Needed:

25 (25 open slots)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Industry Experience


Amanda Kibler

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