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Meet SAE Authors 

October 17 - 20 & October 24 - 27

SAE Authors are coming to Connexion+ to talk about their recently published books. They have provided starter questions related to the topics of their books to get the discussions started, but this is also your opportunity to ask them your own questions or weigh in on the topics. 

As a bonus, SAE Members who participate in any of the Book Chats will be entered into a drawing to win a free copy of that book*. 

Head of SAE Books, Sherry Nigam, will be available October 19 & 26 to answer your questions on how to publish a book with SAE.

*Rules and Conditions
1. You must be a current SAE Member to be eligible
2. You may only win one book. 
3. Winners in the US will receive a hard copy of the book. International winners will receive an e-book. 

What is a Chat?

It's a two-day session in Connexion+ with a subject matter expert on a variety of technical topics, soft skill development, leadership, and workforce development. Add your voice to this dialogue—ask questions, provide answers, and ultimately, gain insights from SAE and its members from around the globe.

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