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2024 Chat with the Expert Discussions

The Chat with the Expert Series will be making a return in 2024 featuring SAE Leadership and Industry Experts. 

February 2024 Chats

The Importance of Technical Education for Engineers 

Friday, February 23rd, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Technical education is crucial for engineers as it equips them with specialized knowledge and practical skills essential for innovation, problem-solving, and staying abreast of technological advancements. It forms the foundation for a successful engineering career, fostering adaptability and expertise in navigating complex technical challenges. In this presentation we would discuss the importance of indulging into such education which fosters Industrial level critical thinking, and prepares students at an undergraduate level for the future challenges of industries.

Featuring Ali Khan - Service Engineer, SAE Member

March 2024 Chats

Small Island, Big Dreams: Women in Engineering

Friday, March 8th, 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

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As SAE International celebrates Women’s History Month, we would like to highlight an engineering program that is propelling students into the world of transportation and three of their alumna. The women on this panel have many things in common: their love for transportation and their passion to grow and serve others, however, the most interesting fact is that they all come from the Island of Puerto Rico (a territory of the United States). They all obtained their engineering degree from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (UPRM). Their alumna have certainly found a drive to become beacons of success for women in their professions not only in the island but globally. 

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we will feature a live online session, allowing participants to engage in real-time conversations with women leaders in the field of transportation from UPRM. We will explore different topics of women leadership and how you can reach your highest potential in order to make a big impact in the transportation industry.

Alba Colon | Director of Competition Systems | Hendrick Motorsports
Lisandra Garay-Vega | Transportation Safety Specialist | National Transportation Safety Board
Myra Blanco | Chief Growth Officer | Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

2024 Upcoming Chats

March 8, 2024 - Small Island, Big Dreams - Women in Engineering 

  • Alba Colon, Director of Competition Systems, Hendrick Motorsports
  • Lisandra Garay-Vega, National Transportation Safety Board
  • Myra Blanco, Chief Growth Officer, Virginia Tech Institute

April 10, 2024 - SAE and the Future of Sustainable Mobility

  • Frank Menchaca, President of Sustainable Mobility, SAE International

May 29, 2024 - My DEI Journey and Allyship

  • Mark Pickett, Technology Transfer Program Manager, CEO DEI Council Ally

June 24, 2024 - Evolution of Electric Vehicles in North America

  • Rebecca Vollmann, Executive Chair, SAE Florida Section

All dates are subject to change. More details will be shared.

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