SAE Mentor Program

Accelerate your career growth by tapping into industry insights from experienced engineers or make a lasting impact on the future of mobility by serving as a mentor. The SAE Mentor Program allows you to find, connect, and share experiences with mentors and mentees locally or from around the world. Our powerful, member-driven online mentoring program is designed to help you:

  • Enhance your industry knowledge and technical skills
  • Navigate career changes and workplace issues
  • Grow your professional network

There is no better way to learn than by example. SAE’s Mentor Program offers students and professionals in the mobility industry an opportunity to connect directly with experienced industry veterans willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

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SAE Mentoring Program

"Mentoring young professionals is incredibly important to me, as my first professional experience was as an intern in an engineering firm.

As the mobility sector adapts, it’s vital to partner with the next generation of young professionals in shaping this future."

Tim Dawkins, Senior Technical Director – Einride

“The concept of mentorship is extremely valuable in any industry. Due to the dynamic nature of the mobility industry, mentorship as a tool can be leveraged to develop the next generation of Innovators, Subject Matter Experts and Leaders. I've been incredibly fortunate to be mentored by some amazing individuals who helped me evolve into a better professional. Hence, participating in the SAE Mentor Program has been my way of giving it back and helping students and new engineers grow to their full potential.”

Pranay Banerjee, Engine System Control Technical Specialist - Cummins, Inc

“Mentorship is critical to the Mobility Industry to encourage and develop the next generation of Leaders and Technical Experts. Professional Growth and increased engagement will enable the enhanced ability to navigate a challenge and turn it into an opportunity to be creative.

Throughout my career, I have been blessed to have many Mentors that helped me grow and succeed my personal goals. SAE has always been at the foundation of my own professional development. It is an honor to be able to give back and mentor others on their journey.”

Fred Kelley, Americas R&D Director - Prysmian Group/General Cable/Prestolite Wire

“There's lots for college students to figure out as they navigate school and the internship and job hunt. Helping students think through actions and decisions improves the likelihood they'll get on a path that appeals to them and like what they do in industry.”

Michael Pfeifer, Ph.D., P.E. Principal Consultant and Trainer - Industrial Metallurgists, LLC

Featured Mentors

"Mentoring, for me, is a way to pay it forward and help others to work though challenges while having their own fulfilling and meaningful journeys, in both their careers and their SAE experiences."

Michele Kaiser, John Deere

"I don’t want anyone in my field to ever feel like they don’t belong based on how they look. So, I have been committed to improving diversity, and just as importantly inclusivity, since my graduate school experience, when I was one of the few women in the student cohort at the Engine Research Center (ERC) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison."

Dr. Andrea Strzelec, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Mentoring has been an incredible experience providing benefits for both me as a mentor,  and the mentee’s. My goal as a mentor is to encourage and guide the mentee to reach their goals. It is a rewarding process and truly an investment with great return!”

Mark Karwowski, Chief Manufacturing Engineer – ZF Active Safety and Electronics