Call for Reviewers: Student Textbook Stipend Applications

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Signup Deadline: 10-31-2023
Starts: 11-08-2023
Ends: 11-30-2023


The SAE Membership Team is looking for volunteers to review the SAE Student Textbook Stipend Applications for both the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Prefered criteria:

  • SAE Member
  • SAE Young Professional
  • Can devote at least 2 hours per semester (Fall and Spring)

Anyone is welcome to apply, the team will review applications against criteria.

See the description of the SAE Student Textbook Stipend Application below.

College can be a financial burden, with tuition, room and board, everyday expenses, and textbooks. The Membership Team offers an SAE Student Textbook Stipend in the amount of $600.00 USD* to help you with the cost of textbooks. SAE wants to invest in your academic career, and beyond, in your professional career. And in return, we want to hear how your membership and your involvement in SAE has helped you to reach your academic and professional goals so far.

Your essay will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Organization & development of ideas
  • Quality of SAE involvement
  • Diversity of SAE involvement and activities

If you are interested please apply today!

Any questions about this opportunity can be directed to


18 - 23
24 - 34
35 - 45
56 - 65
66 +
Early (< 5 years in industry)

Volunteers Needed:

5 (3 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


Amanda Kibler