Call for Experts: TEVLCS5 Signaling and Marking Devices Stds Comm

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Starts: 04-23-2024


SAE International is seeking industry experts to join the TEVLCS5  Signaling and Marking Devices Stds Comm.

TEVLCS5  Signaling and Marking Devices Stds Comm 

The Signaling and Marking Devices Standards Committee is part of the Lighting Systems Steering Committee that reports to the Motor Vehicle Council (MVC). The Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining SAE Standards, Recommended Practices, and Information Reports related to exterior lighting devices used on passenger cars, light trucks, vans and multipurpose vehicles. The Committee monitors the development of related technologies and determines how they may be applied to signaling and marking devices, while also working towards the development of standards to aid in the application of various technologies. The following task forces have been developed under the committee's scope: J1889 LED Signal Lighting Task Force New Technology Signal Lighting Task Force J2030 Discharge Signal Lighting Task Force Geometric Visibility Task Force Miniature Bulb Task Force J593 Backup Lamp (Reversing Lamp) Task Force J2087 Daytime Running Lamp Task Force Side Mirror Turn Signal Task Force Participants in the SAE Signaling and Marking Devices Standards Committee include OEMs, suppliers, consulting firms, government, and other interested parties. 

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18 - 23
24 - 34
35 - 45
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Volunteers Needed:

25 (25 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


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