Call for Experts: Construction Agricultural and Off Road Rechargeable ESS

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Starts: 03-08-2024
Location: Online Opportunity


SAE International is seeking industry experts to join the Construction Agricultural and Off Road Rechargeable ESS Committee.

Construction Agricultural and Off Road Rechargeable ESS

The global electrified Off Highway Construction Equipment (CE) market is growing rapidly to reduce total cost of ownership and meet the demands of abating environmental impact of fossil fuel-based propulsion systems. This rapid electrification is happening at an accelerated rate with many manufacturers taking design technology to limits, or not understanding the full scope of proper engineering protocols in designing these sophisticated electrified systems. Both of these scenarios may create safety, performance, life and cost concerns. This Technical Information Report (TIR) is intended to review and document the CE technologies and trends in order to create a comprehensive industry overview. Identification of gaps in the technologies, standards and regulations is one outcome of this report. This document will draw information from worldwide standards and other sources to provide information for creation of systems used in electrified CE products. This TIR is intended to become a historic document for the preservation of the current state of technologies, standards and regulations in electrified CE design. This document will create the consensus knowledge base of participating members who represent the CE industry, battery industry and ancillary components used in the electrification of CE. This TIR is a precursor to a Recommended Practice (RP). The follow-on RP will be intended to provide guidance in safe design practices while meeting life expectancies and operational value to the off highway construction equipment industry. It is not the intent of this Technical Information Report to comprehend the entire CE design, but to provide guidance to those design aspects impacted by the Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) integration.

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