Call for Experts: TEVLCS4 Road Illumination Devices Standards Committee

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Starts: 04-23-2024


SAE International is seeking industry experts to join the  TEVLCS4  Road Illumination Devices Standards Committee.

 TEVLCS4  Road Illumination Devices Standards Committee 

The Road Illumination Devices Standards Committee is part of the Lighting System Steering Committee that reports to the Motor Vehicle Council (MVC). The Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining SAE Standards, Recommended Practices, and Information Reports related to lighting devices that serve to provide forward illumination on the roadway, including headlamps, fog lamps, auxiliary high and low beam lamps as well as halogen and arc discharge source lamps used in these devices. The following task forces have been developed under the committee's scope: J1735 Harmonized Headlamp Beam Task Force J583 Fog Lamp Task Force J2111 Headlamp Washer Task Force J1383 Headlamp Task Force J2585 Headlamp Mounting Height Task Force J2282 Distributed Lighting Task Force Replaceable Bulb Task Force Coated Bulb Task Force J852 Front Cornering Lamps Rewrite Task Force J2591 Advanced Forward Lighting System (AFS) J2009 Rewrite Task Force J599 Lighting Inspection Code Task Force J2595 Sealed Beam Headlamps Task Force J2510 Front Fog Lamp Task Force J565 Rewrite Task Force Pedestrian Visibility Task Force Recent standards challenges have been the introduction of "discharge" source lamps into the automotive lighting industry, harmonization of light patterns with European standards and higher voltage automotive electrical systems. While arc discharge light sources held promises of higher light output and source brightness, they surfaced many new and unanswered questions. Task force work is now ongoing in an attempt to resolve all of the new issues. Even changes in light distribution from recently-improved headlamp light sources, compounded by an increase of large SUV and personal pick-up vehicles have caused a public outcry about "glaring" headlamps. In an effort to preempt regulatory action, the Committee has initiated task force work to find a solution. Finally, Vehicle voltage changes promise to become a significant lighting issue as the effects of higher voltages on the viability of filament lamp designs are researched and discussed. The committee also focuses on standards harmonization for a wide variety of unsettled differences between European (ECE) Standards and domestic (SAE and FMVSS) standards. Resolutions of the more significant differences in standards for fog and head lamps and distributive light sources have been reached. A further challenge remains in coordinating the new and improved standards with new and subtle insights into the human factors of vision and the importance of light and illumination for driver comfort and safety. Understanding the human factors of vision will take on a greater role in evaluating and enhancing the validity of new vehicle forward lighting standards. Participants in the SAE Road Illumination Devices Standards Committee include OEMs, suppliers, consulting firms, government, and other interested parties.

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