Call for Papers for Special Issue on Advanced Sensing for Sustainable Development of Smart Cities in SAE International Sustainable Transportation, Environment, Energy, & Policy

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Starts: 05-13-2023


Special Issue on Advanced Sensing for Sustainable Development of Smart Cities

In a world where resources are scarce and urban areas consume the vast majority of resources, it is vital to make cities greener and more sustainable. The aim of this special issue is to examine developments in sensing applications and platforms for use in smart cities with the goal of sustainability and the technical challenges associated with implementing these technologies. A smart city is a city which functions in a sustainable and intelligent way, integrating all its infrastructures and services into a cohesive whole and using intelligent sensing applications and platforms for monitoring and control while ensuring sustainability and efficiency. Smart cities are meant to be environmentally friendly, designed for optimum usage of space and resources along with an efficient distribution of benefits. Smart cities also aim to increase connectivity at various levels among citizens, as well as between the administration and population. Public properties such as schools, roads, and hospitals are improved. The system tackles several redundancies of the present system, saving time and money and highlighting wasteful practices. Advanced systems relying on sensing applications and platforms to improve and automate processes within a city will play a leading role in sustainable smart cities. 

From smart design of buildings which capture rainwater for later use, to intelligent control systems which can monitor infrastructures autonomously, the possible improvements enabled by sensing technologies are immense. Ubiquitous sensing poses numerous challenges, which are of a technological or social nature, but research and development towards solutions to these challenges has great implications for sustainability. The intent of this special issue is to provide a holistic view of how the sensing technologies play a crucial role in smart cities with the goal of creating a sustainable and advanced city.
This special issue is devoted to innovations, designs, fabrication, manufacturing, and application of smart devices incorporated with sustainable/reliable sensing technology to gather data in real time. Researchers from academics, industry, and scientific bodies are welcome to submit papers focusing strictly on creating a smart, sustainable city using advanced sensing applications and platforms. 

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Advanced sensing for smart surveillance
  • Sustainable fabrication of new sensors for remote monitoring
  • Designing of sensors for smart healthcare
  • Sensors for maintaining smart and sustainable infrastructures
  • Sensor-based monitoring for smart electricity and water distribution
  • Integration of sensors and actuators for smart and sustainable transportation
  • Sensory based data generation for smart services
  • Sustainable manufacturing of sensors for predicting air quality, and purity levels 
  • Sensors for monitoring environmental hazards
  • Design of portable and high-performance sensors for sensing devices 
  • Monitoring unusual activity with sensor-based systems

***Should be a industry or public sector professional, or academic with an interest in one or more of fields listed on the site.

For more information, please contact the Guest Editors:

Dr. Fadi Al-Turjman [Lead Guest Editor] 
Near East University Turkey, Turkey

Dr. Walaa Hamouda [Co-Guest Editor]
Concordia University, Canada

Deadline to submit manuscripts for consideration:
June 30, 2023

Please submit your article at and include a submisison note in Editorial Manager to indicate that it is for this special issue.

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Volunteers Needed:

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