Technical Standards Aerospace Electrical Power and Equipment Committee (AE-7)

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Starts: 05-03-2023
Location: Online Opportunity


The SAE AE-7 Aerospace Electrical Power & Equipment committee addresses all facets of aerospace electrical power systems–design, testing, measurement, procedures, and in-service experience. It develops standards and specifications relative to the generation, conversion, load management, and utilization of electric power in aerospace vehicles. The group is comprised of three subcommittees dedicated to creating, preparing, and maintaining all relevant specifications, standards, and requirements for aerospace electrical power and equipment. These subcommittees include:

  • AE-7A - Electric Machines and Devices (Fuel cell)
  • AE-7B  - Power Management and Distribution
  • AE-7C -  Electrical Systems
  • AE-7D - Aircraft Energy Storage and Charging
  • AE-7EU -  Europe
  • AE-7M  - Aerospace Model Based Engineering
  • AE-7P - Protective and Control Devices

 Participants in the SAE AE-7 committee include OEMs, suppliers, consulting firms, government, academia, and others across the aerospace and defense industries.

Examples of standards development/revision activities

  • AIR6511 Safety Consideration for a 48/60 VDC Aircraft distribution system
  • AS8441 - Minimum Performance Standard for Permanent-Magnet Propulsion Motors and Associated Variable-Speed Drives
  • ARP6505 – Electrical Load Analysis Standardization
  • AS4805A Solid State Power Controller, General Standard For 
  • AIR6198 – Design Considerations for aerospace electric power systems
  • AIR6540A - Fundamentals in Wire Selection and Sizing for Aerospace Applications
  • AIR7497 - Advanced methods for Wire Selection and Sizing for Aerospace applications
  • AIR8445 - Aerospace Electrical Power System Stability
  • AS7499 - Aircraft High Voltage DC Power Quality Standard

Recently published documents:

  • AIR6326 "Aircraft Electrical Power Systems, Modeling and Simulation, Definitions"
  • AS20708B Synchros, General Specification For
  • AS5625A Minimum Performance Standards for Static Electric Power Frequency Converters
  • AS5698A - Space Power Standard
  • AIR6540 - Fundamentals in Wire Selection and Sizing for Aerospace Applications


Advanced (15+ years in industry)
Mid (6-14 years in industry)

Volunteers Needed:

5 (5 open slots)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Industry Experience


Amanda Kibler

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