Call for Reviewers for the SAE International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, Energy, Environment, & Policy

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Starts: 09-07-2022


The SAE International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, Energy, Environment, and Policy is accepting applications for the position of reviewer for the following topics:

Sustainable Transportation
• Sustainable transportation and
   subsystems efficiency
• Auto-associated infrastructure (built)
• Traditional and emerging vehicles

Sustainable Environment
• Built environment
• Lifecycle assessment
• Lifecycle cost modeling, assessment,
   and analysis
• Carbon and water footprint
• Eco-labels

Sustainable Energy
• Renewable energy: resources, storage,
   conversion, transmission
• Sustainable engineering
• Sustainable manufacturing
• Sustainable and advanced materials
• Efficiency enhancing mechanisms:
   optimization, combustion, lightweighting

• Public policy
• Transportation policies
• Energy policies
• Social perspectives
• Economic perspectives

1. Read the manuscript thoroughly.
2. Make comments and critiques about the research. Reviews without comments are unacceptable.
3. Make suggestions for improvement.
4. Submit the review with a rating in the areas requested in the system and a recommendation for rejection, revision, or acceptance.


Becoming a reviewer requires proficient knowledge in the subject area and the ability to provide constructive criticism to the author and editors. SAE does require previous experience as a peer reviewer or completion of the Publons Academy training course or another appropriate training course. The most important requirement for being a reviewer is that you can devote enough time to give a professional and useful review within the time frame given, usually within one month maximum from the date of accepting the review assignment.

If you are interested in being included as a reviewer, please contact and include
a brief CV (three-page max) that includes recent publications. Apply Today!

Volunteers Needed:

25 (25 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


Rachel Wetzel

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