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Meet the 2021 SAE President, Jeff Hemphill 

02-24-2021 08:36 AM

@Jeff Hemphill​, the CTO of Schaeffler America and a 23 year SAE Member, is the 2021 SAE International President. He has a few main goals for the coming year: bringing the "classical industry " and the "disruptors of the industry" to continue to innovate while creating standards for those innovations.

Another goal is to promote cross-industry knowledge sharing and collaboration. "A specific example would be urban air and ground transportation. There are a lot of concepts for electric air taxis, but the innovative part is that some of them plug into vehicles that roll around on wheels after they get to their destination. That’s a pretty interesting example of different modes of transportation and goods delivery starting to merge and cross over. The questions is, how do you bring together that whole innovation ecosystem to support such an effort?”​

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