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Welcome to the SAE Central Ontario Section's online community. Utilize this space to network virtually with section members, learn about upcoming Section events, share resources, and more.

Tap Into Your Local Mobility Engineering Community

The SAE Central Ontario Section offers a strong local network of mobility industry peers, mobility events, technical meetings, company tours, and social events. Our Section encourages student participation at the undergraduate and graduate levels by working closely with SAE Collegiate Chapters and our Collegiate Design Series Teams at our local universities. Come and join us as we navigate the changing mobility landscape together.

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  • As a Past Chair of the Central Ontario Section of SAE, during my time on the Governing Board, Phil Kling suggested a business opportunity back in about 2004-2010 time about a Recycling Facility to recycle the Re-Chargeable Batteries from Electric Vehicles! ...

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    as a member of SAE you get to speak to other members in the Sae in the business world on an equal level and get feedback on their business succeses and issues in that field allowing you to make better decisions in yours. Pierre Taillon Past Chainman ...

  • Are you ready for a little section to section competition? Starting today through December 31 st we are running a friendly Section competition to see who can recruit the most new members by the end of the year. The top three sections who recruit the ...

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    As a member of SAE International, you are an important ambassador in helping SAE grow and maintain a strong membership roster. Share what you value in your SAE Membership with your professional network and encourage them to join SAE. When you participate ...

  • As I am also a retired Marketing Instructor,I feel that there is a significant to be done in Marketing these new electric cars.To begin with we must select a target market for these cars. The product(car) must be different than the existing gasolinedriven ...

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