Mentor Chat: The Importance of Mentoring

Starts:  Sep 26, 2022 09:00 (ET)
Ends:  Sep 27, 2022 17:00 (ET)
Join the 2022 SAE President and Board Chair, Srinivasa (Sri) Srinath to discuss the importance of mentoring, as part of SAE's recurring Mentor Chat series

Sri has provided a few questions on mentoring to get the discussion started, but this is also your opportunity to share your mentoring experiences, as well as ask Sri your own questions. 

  1. Why find a mentor?
  2. Who makes the best mentors - tenure, seniority, experience, levels, etc.?
  3. What are some effective mentoring practices? 
  4. What are the differences between a mentor, a champion and a sponsor?
  5. What are the benefits for the mentor from this relationship?