Seeking volunteers for Reliability, Maintainability, and Health Management Systems Group Committees to participate in the standards development process

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Starts: 01-31-2023


SAE International is seeking individuals to join the Reliability, Maintainability, and Health Management System Group Committees to participate in the standards development process.

Please consider lending your expertise to one or more of the following areas of development by clicking the "Apply Today" button above. 

G-11PMUQ Probabilistic Methods and Uncertainty Quantification Methods Committee addresses all facets of RM&P tools, processes, procedures, and best practices. It provides an industry/government forum to review RM&P technology and investigates the interfaces with engineering design and development, support costs, maintainability, reliability, rep-arability, tooling, and diagnostics. The division is comprised of four committees dedicated to creating, preparing, and maintaining all relevant specifications, standards, and requirements for RM&P tools and processes.

G-11M Maintainability Supportability & Logistics- The Reliability, Maintainability, Supportability and Logistics (RMSL) Division (G-11) of SAE Int'l is an organization whose focus is to increase the contribution of RMSL in the development, manufacture, and support of products which are affordable and copetitive. The G-11 Maintainability Committee's mission is to continually expand technology related to achieving product maintainability and development of maintainability standards and task guide documents which ahve military and commercial application. The Committee is made up of a wide cross section of U.S. and international representatives from industry, government, and military.

Aerospace Industry Steering Committee on Structural Health Monitoring- The scope of the committee is to accumulate, develop and disseminate SHM system technology and experience relating to the following groups -- a. Civil fixed and rotary wing air vehicles; b. Military fixed and rotary wing air vehicles; and c. Unmanned fixed and rotary wing air vehicles.

 E-32 Aerospace Propulsion Systems Health Management Committee addresses all aspects of fixed and rotary wing propulsion that relate to the efficiency and degradation of the systems, including life usage and helicopter drive train mechanisms. The technical elements include condition monitoring, diagnostics, and, more recently, prognostics which predict failures and the anticipated necessary maintenance actions based on state awareness and anticipated system usage.

 HM-1 Integrated Vehicle Health Management Committee will serve as a forum to gather, develop, record and publish expert information in the discipline of aerospace Integrated Vehicle Health Management. It will address the integration of health management systems at both the platform and fleet levels and provide technical standardization to support, guide and advance the realization of Integrated Vehicle Health Management – through common definitions, parameters and taxonomy.  In addition, the committee will promote the advancement of Integrated Vehicle Health Management technologies, through technical guidance and support functions both within the committee’s membership and to the world as a whole.


Advanced (15+ years in industry)
Early (< 5 years in industry)
Mid (6-14 years in industry)

Volunteers Needed:

25 (25 open slots)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Industry Experience


Rachel Wetzel

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