5 Things You Support When You Support SAE

By Rachel Wetzel posted 08-24-2022 08:05 AM


How do you advance technology for the benefit of humanity?

At SAE International, we’re focusing on mobility solutions that do just that.

SAE International is a global non-profit organization with the vision of connecting and educating mobility professionals to enable safe, clean, and accessible mobility solutions. With a global community of engineers, technical experts, and volunteers, we are continuing to develop the most reliable and comprehensive collection of engineering resources and standards.

But there is so much more to SAE than what is on the surface.

Here are just 5 of the things you support when you support SAE.

  1. The SAE Foundation

The SAE Foundation is committed to ensuring all young learners have access to STEM education spanning from PreK through university and beyond. Through the generosity of donors and corporate partners who support the SAE Foundation, our A World in Motion (AWIM) PreK-12 STEM education program has served more than 6 million students around the globe and engages with over 30,000 industry volunteers.

In addition to the 20+ AWIM STEM programs spanning from PreK to university that are inspiring today’s students and tomorrow’s innovators, our Collegiate Design Series program has paved the way for countless young professionals as they enter the workforce. The carefully crafted programs challenge students to develop soft skills, foster teamwork, expand their critical thinking and address the specific needs of the mobility industry today.

  1. Vehicle Safety

SAE International is working collaboratively and consistently with industry experts to advance mobility engineering throughout the world. Our standards development program promotes and facilitates safety, productivity, reliability, efficiency, and certification by bringing together industry experts through different SAE standards committees. With SAE as the leading authority in mobility standards development, these standards that are set by our standards committees are responsible for keeping you and your family safe while you’re on the go. Vehicle safety is a number one priority for SAE, and we are continuing to publish new standards and revise issued standards to keep the roads you are driving on as safe as possible.

  1. Industry Connection

SAE provides the mobility industry with sense of community. Through SAE membership, our standards development program, professional development courses and industry events, there are so many opportunities for engineering professionals to connect with one another. Volunteering with SAE gives professionals the opportunity to impact their career and industry. With opportunities such as inspiring the next generation of engineering in the classroom, advising students through the Collegiate Design Series, and serving as an author or contributor to SAE publications (just to name a few), there are so many ways to engage with the mobility community.

SAE local sections offer a strong local network of mobility industry peers across 26 states and seven countries. Each local section is comprised of 100 or more SAE members in a defined geographical area and offers an unmatched opportunity to connect with engineering and mobility experts, share ideas spanning industries and job function, and give back to their local communities.

Together we are strengthening relationships across the mobility industry and building a strong community of forward-thinking innovators.

  1. Innovative Problem Solving

Our committees are working to find solutions that will solve the mobility challenges of today and the future. With standards committees involving members from the aerospace, ground vehicle, commercial vehicle and systems management sectors, professionals from all backgrounds unite to power the future of innovation. SAE serves as the convener of these diverse, forward-thinking mobility experts as they address industry problems in unique ways. Together we overcome unforeseen challenges and find solutions to unconventional mobility problems affecting the world today.

  1. A Sustainable Future

There are a multitude of reasons for transitioning towards more sustainable transportation. For starters, cost savings on fuel and vehicles, reduced emissions are polluting the air, reliable and affordable transportation all lie ahead with a more sustainable future. SAE Sustainable Mobility Solutions is our new center of excellence responsible for developing initiatives that, taken together, lead the transportation industry in its significant shift toward technologies resulting in clean, alternative, and sustainable mobility. From electric vehicles to alternative fuel sources, SAE is collaborating across the industry on the future of sustainable transportation.

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